Baby Clothing Keepers

After the baby shower, you have opened all the gifts and the guests have left, you are too exhausted to put all the gifts away. As you lay in bed, you try to remember the gifts that you opened barely two hours ago. You can’t remember it all. What you do remember is the baby shirt with the name Ann embroidered in pink thread. It even had matching socks with the monogram AJ. As you drift off to sleep your thoughts drift to Ann Johnson who will be the new addition to your family expected to be born in two weeks time.Of all the gifts given at baby showers or by visitors to the hospital, what always stands out are the monogrammed socks, the personalized shirts, blankets and embroidered baby clothes. Is this because the expectant mother appreciates the effort placed by the giver in having the piece of clothing embroidered before giving and presenting it to her? Of course, but the underlying sentiment brought about in receiving gifts such as embroidered baby clothes is the affirmation that there is a baby about to be born. It is the confirmation that a life will come into being. The embroidered baby clothes or items that have been personalized further shows acceptance of the forthcoming baby into the society by the giver. The giver is mostly family and friends of the expectant mother and father. The expectant mother needs this show of acceptance and support for this new life that she will be ushering into this world. The world has accepted this natural flow of emotion and sentiment, to the point that it has created a market to satisfy gift givers and mommies alike.There is a vast array of personalized baby gifts in the market today. The traditional monogrammed and embroidered baby clothes, bibs, hats, socks and baby blankets are always a classic top choice. Another type of personalized baby gifts that are more modern uses the art and skill of engraving. Engravings of names, dates and even verses are etched on hypo-allergenic charm bracelets, earrings and necklaces.These personalized baby clothes and accessories create an impact of reality far reaching than the simple monogram or name embroidered on a piece of cloth; or, etched in metal jewelry or accessories. It marks a confirmation of life, a joyful beginning, and an exciting relationship ordained by God- a miraculous present from God. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of this connection? Try giving embroidered baby clothes today, and feel the circle of warmth-one that will span generations.Embroidered baby clothes are, among all personalized items, the ones that are passed onto from one generation to the next as a memoir or heirloom. You will forever be remembered as the giver who gave more in making that extra effort to have the baby clothing embroidered with the baby’s name making the moment and the gift extra-special.