About MultiCam Clothing and Tactical Equipment

Can you tell the difference between all camouflage patterns? To many, the patchy combination of green, brown, and black is the only familiar form of camouflage. But, this pattern has changed over the years for the military, and the most recent form of it is MultiCam. Developed by Crye Association, MultiCam is designed to assist the wearer to hide in various environments ranging from deserts to forests, seasons, elevations, and heights. Although MultiCam clothing comes in some location variations, the composition of the fabric is essentially the same.Typical MultiCam fabric has a brown to light tan gradient and lime green blending in between. The primary component of MultiCam fabric is a green to yellow-green gradient and dark brown and light pink blotches. This combination varies throughout the fabric. This color combination, additionally, tricks the human eye’s perception of color against a background.This pattern was developed by the Crye Association in conjunction with the U.S. Army Soldier System Center to replace the older three-color desert and wood patterns. Although MultiCam is not the dominant form of camouflage used by the military, it is gradually replacing the Universal Camouflage Pattern for units in Afghanistan. Currently, MultiCam clothing and gear is in use by American Special Operations units and law enforcement organizations.This particular camouflage pattern helps the wearer hide in various conditions outdoors and is also designed to work in several environments. The materials, for example, reflect the surrounding environment. This means that, if a soldier is standing in a forest, the MultiCam pattern will reflect the green of the surrounding area. Aside from green, the clothing can take in overall tan appearances. The clothing, additionally, disguises volume and shape and relies on a blending effect to disguise the wearer against any type of surrounding or background.MultiCam clothing isn’t the only tactical equipment with this camouflage pattern. Many other pieces are designed with this pattern. In addition to uniforms, harnesses, vests, weapons accessories, packs, cases, and patches are designed with this pattern and can be worn together to give the wearer full camouflage in any environment.